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Spending time at the spa is often seen as a luxurious, pampering activity. Indeed, spa time can be pampering, but it can also be so much more than that. These days, many spas are medical spas, where you can get treatments such as laser hair removal, filler injections, and dermabrasion. Even if you don't go to a medical spa, an ordinary spa can be a good place to get a facial or a manicure, both of which can help boost your confidence. If you would like to learn more about spas and salons, then we invite you to read the articles on this blog.



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A lot of people are not fully satisfied with the s

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First Time Getting Eyelash Extensions? Three Things You Should Be Prepared For

A lot of people are not fully satisfied with the shape of their eyelashes for one reason or another. Some just don't mind their eyelashes but might want to make them look extra good or fancy for a special event. Whatever the case may be for you, getting your eyelash extensions in for the first time can be a bit of a nerve-wracking experience. However, it is a fairly simple process and one that you should not be afraid of. Most people who get it done end up going back repeatedly because they love the result so much, but there are three things that you should know before you arrive.

It Can Take Quite A While

Depending on the type of eyelash extensions you are getting and the facilities available, it can take well over an hour to have your lash extensions fully put in place and secured. That might seem like quite an extraordinary length of time when you consider just how small eyelashes are, but you need to remember that this is being done to last for an extended period. You want them to be well secured so that they do not come off in the shower or strong winds, and that takes time.

They Last Up To Two Months

Speaking of the length of time they should last, most eyelash extensions should last a bit over two months, sometimes a little bit more and sometimes a little bit less. You might start to see some parts of your extensions failing before they all start coming out and you may want to get them properly removed and replaced, but as long as you keep that time frame in mind you should be well prepared to handle it when the time comes. These aren't a permanent solution, but they do survive reasonably well if you take care of them.

Ease Into Them

It is so easy to go a little bit overboard and get the longest, fullest eyebrows you can the first time you go to a beautician. After all, why not go all out, right? The truth is that if you do that, you can irritate your face and feel very odd with them on. It is much better to get more reasonable lashes that are less expensive and sit better on your face, just so you can get used to the idea. As you become more comfortable with eyelash extensions you can start to experiment with more dramatic looks and find the zone that is perfect for you.